What Is Competitive Intelligence?

In this competitive world it is always good to know the real competitors and their strengths and weaknesses so that we could device better strategies than them. This is the core idea behind competitive intelligence and we would look into some of the ways and tools by which we could achieve this.

Intelligent Tactics to Compete

To begin with, find out the size of the platform executive reports competitors’ website. If you want to find out how many pages the website has, go to any search engines and check out the information or download the free software available that could clearly provide the page ranks of that website in a particular search engine.

Check out the number of back links the company website you compete with has. There are many websites or tools that provide the information about the back links that are implemented by a particular website. Check out links of 5 to 10 sites to know about their back links.

Check out how much traffic a Website gets each month through some of the websites which provides that information. Enter a few sites and receive the different traffics and metrics each of the website you have entered gets and analyze them. You will have a fairly good idea about who you are up against and can employ the appropriate marketing strategy.

More competitive intelligence to sum up

There are so many tools that you could download to find out your competitors website ranking. They rank a great number of websites and assign numbers. You can find out the age of the website from Domain Registration Websites free of cost. There are so many SEO tools that are available for free that we can use to find out where that website is ranked for a particular component of keyword. These tools will search and let you know where you rank on that keyword. This is very important competitive intelligence information as you can compete on any key word you want.